Air Force, anyone?

Last night, my ex-boyfriend sent me a message. I ignored it, but I know that I’m still going to feel “off” for a while.

She reminded me of this…thing.
TODAY, I REALIZED THE VOICE IN MY HEAD YELLS WHEN I READ ALL-CAPS…and when I yell in my head, it converts to all caps. I bet yours does too. I was at the administration office downtown getting my car registration done. It was because I told a girl that I burned 36% of my body when I was 6. She gasped and said, “OMG, did you live?!” So I thought “DID YOU REALLY JUST SAY “OMG” IN A SENTENCE?!?!” in all caps…and I didn’t burn 36% of my body. She just looked gullible.

Anyway, I went to the admin office downtown and got my vehicle registration done. Then I went to see dad and he took my to get my brakes fixed. Then I almost started crying while talking to mom while we were waiting for the mechanics to finish up with my car.


1.) My math professor failed me, even though I had A’s and B’s. Now I have to message her and find out WHY.
2.) Money’s way too tight. All those hospital bills from that wreck are still waiting to be paid, taxes from when I was an independent contractor, and the remainder of the car that’s still owed from that stupid girl that hit me.

All right before Christmas. My sister was talking about how she’s already gotten everyone’s gifts. I haven’t had enough extra cash to get anyone’s just yet. It’s going to be a crappy Christmas. =P I’m twenty years old. I shouldn’t have to worry about these things.

I’m considering:

a.) post-poning the rest of college until everything gets paid off or
b.) joining the Air Force before I finish college in order to get everything paid off.

Whatever. This sucks.

Mom suggested that Adam and I buy a house together. I just looked at what she’s talking about. It’s a really great idea, but I’m still reeling from the suggestion.

That’s it for now. Going back to bed.


I’m happy that Adam’s home.

One response to “Air Force, anyone?”

  1. I really did not want to make it a bad day for you with the math grade and all. We can get it all worked out. Just take things one step at a time. It’s not the end of the world. It’s the beginning of yours!

    Love you. Don’t ever forget that!


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