101.9 degrees and blankets

What did I do for New Year’s?

I sat in the study, wrapped up in 5 different blankets, big fuzzy sucks, a scarf, and a beanie with a 101.9 fever, chills, headache, and dizziness. It was the best New Year’s eve of my life. Why? ‘Cause I spent it with Adam, who, by the way, is wonderful at taking care of sick people.

"Fever ninja!"
Taking photos of his sick, annoying little roommate? Check. Hot water for foot soaking? Check. Thermometer, blanket adjustments and additions? Check. I mean, really. I had that fever for a week and he took care of me the entire time, even though I was a little insane. Best guy ever.

For Andrea!
Yesterday, Adam’s dad came over to help us hang the massive mirror that my parents gave me for Christmas. We stopped off at Lowe’s for…something, and I ended up buying violets and a swirly plant (don’t remember what it’s called) for the mini bay window in the old dining room.
I bought a little one in a bright planter for my sister. Reminded me of her.

Anyway, I’m off to watch the Colbert Report with Adam. 🙂

❤ Elle

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