iTS 1:41AM and im supposed to be asleep..
I had a nightmare and normally itd be that i would call my big sister and she’d make it better, thats how it always was, my sister always made the monsters go away. I guess i miss how i could run over to her room and she’d still be awake, reading or writting like always. and i’d go in and she’d talk to me or just read me whatever book she was currently into. that always made it better.
Now it’s harder, because im the only one at home and calling just isnt the same as hearing a story.
A lot of things have changed, and at times im not sure i like how they changed. a lot of times i wish they hadnt. I’ll be starting school tuesday, yes, college. who’d of thought it’d begin so soon? it always seemed months or years away yet last week i woke up and realized its almost here. It’s kind of scary, because i’ve never been to anything like school…not even your basic classes at church without someone i knew. at least my first day i have a class with my brother 🙂
OH! i got to see my sister AND my brother today! that was awsome, though i kind of wish i had more time with them, all 3 of us together (even if one was sick..) was still the best thing since ice cream! (yes they are my two favorite people)
Got the best text from Adamababaish yesterday, saying were going to build light sabers for my birthday present!!!! how awsome is that?? it made my entire year! (yes i am a BIG star wars fan)

so looking at my checklist i realized..i dont have very big things on my to do lists:
1: get hair cut.
2: get school books and bag.

Got my hair cut, no worries its still black and pink but now theres dark red in it too.
Got all my school stuff (bag included, FINALLY!)

YES! i completed it. score one for 2010! i actually completed a to do list for like the first time ever!


I’m SaFe Up HiGh,
NoThIng CaN ToUcH mE…

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