Weekend Snapshots

I made tuna croquettes on Saturday. :] Alton Brown’s recipe is wondervulles.

tuna croquettes!

Pank-o breadcumblies! And the mess I left on the table, along with an unfinished abstract.

Athena didn't quite understand

We argued, because I took the tuna, and she wanted more. I kept telling her that the mercury in the cans could kill her, but...no...she just wants tuna.

Saturday @ IHOP with Mom, Dad, Derrick, Andrea, Crystal, Bobby, and Renee:

Andrea showcasing IHOP's menu

Bobbers doing...G-d knows what.

Andrea's pink & black fuzz covered head

Renee gone Greenpeace

Part of mom's face, Derrick and his lovely fiancee Crystal

Andrea, again, looking all snarky

Andrea's crazy long killer nails

Poseidon trying to decide whether it's a good enough idea to attempt fighting Tillie and Sephira for a place on mom's lap

Adam + my classical = better-than-johnny-cash's-rendition-of-hurt

Exhausted after seeing A Chorus Line with Adam. Ready for bed!

That’s it. Goodnight.

❤ ellie

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