Schedules, Schedules, and More Schedules

So the first week of following a PT oriented schedule…well, it didn’t work out QUITE as well as I’d hoped, but it wasn’t terrible. This coming week is when I crack down and force myself to be on time to everything on my list. I’m keeping this up for the next 8 months, or until I met the IST/PFT/weight standards. Once that happens, I’ll finish up with my recruiter and find out about a ship date, then continue training until it’s time to go.

So far, my average weekday looks like this:

0500 – Alarm
0515 – Run 3 miles & stretch
0615 – Shower/dress
0645 – Breakfast
0715 – Leave for work
1700 – Leave for home
1800 – Arrive home
1830 – Prep dinner
1900 – Dinner/1hr episode
2000 – Clean up
2100 – Workout 2 (core, walk, or upper body depending on the day)
2200 – Shower/study time
2300 – Bed

My weekends have more free time, which I’m using as study/research/planning time. This is going to be interesting.

For tonight, however, I’m off with Adam to my brother Derrick’s place for dinner with him and his wife, Crystal. Taking a board game, so this should be pretty fun.

In fact, I have 8 minutes until I need to shower so Adam has time to get ready. Then we leave at 1800, pick up a dessert on the way, and we’re at D&C’s by 1900.

I’m kind of getting to like this whole schedule-your-life-down-to-the-minute thing. The whole structure of it is nice.

Tomorrow I (hopefully) find out who my new recruiter is. My current one is located closer to my parents’ side of the world, which is a bit far for me to drive out to in time to train with the group. I can’t get off of work early enough to make it there, so I’m transferring over to a recruiter in my area.

Anyway, off to shower!

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