Aaaand the Schedule Changes

So yesterday I bought a bar for flexed arm hangs, come home, and go to put it on the doorway. Everything’s good, right? Of course not. It’s not until then that I remember that our house was built in the 1920’s and the doorways are solid to the wall, so I can’t put the hook in to keep the bar in place. When did pull up bars get so difficult?

Anyway, buy a jump rope. If you loved them as a kid and didn’t use them again until your 20’s, you’ll hate them now. I promise!

I’ve only lost a total of 8lbs in the past two weeks, and I’ve been down on how many miles I’m running. I’ve got to shape up on this crap. This morning I woke up 2.75 hours late, at 0545. Goodness. My right leg has this weird thing going on where if I step wrong, the left inside of my shin gets this weird dull ache and gives out. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I’m hoping it goes away soon. So instead, I’ll be sticking to a core workout tonight and running again in the morning.

I’m on a new schedule since mom and dad split up (long story). Day 1 is every other day…same with day 2. Sunday is a lighter day. Only core workout.

New schedule:

Day 1
0300 – Alarm
0315 – Core workout
0400 – Shower
0500 – Leave
1800 – Home
1830 – Food
2100 – Run
2300 – Bed

Day 2
0500 – Alarm
0515 – Run
0600 – Shower
0700 – Leave
1800 –  Home
1830 – Food
2100 – Core workout
2300 – Bed

Anyway, it’s 1930. 1.5 hours until workout. Time to motivate myself to get some stuff done.

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