Oh, oh! Guess who’s been up since 0300?!?! That’s right!!!

I absolutely, without a doubt, must do laundry and dishes tonight. Period. No excuses. Understood, self?

Core work out tonight. I had pasta…need to try to fit in some cardio as well, but it’s unlikely.

Today I’ve been researching my MOS. You know, the whole ‘don’t sign that final paper without having your chosen MOS in writing’ thing? Yeah. I’m making sure that I want this one, and so far, it looks like I was right with my initial feelings toward it.

What else?

Oh, right.

I hurt. Everywhere. Arms, shoulders, chest, neck, upper torso, lower abs, butt, thighs, calves, knee caps (KNEE CAPS), shins, feet, toes, little toe. It all hurts, and it feels great. Willingly training for the marines = masochism? Quite possibly.

Shopping list:

Athletic tape
Splint sleeves
Moleskin (lots of it)

I’m off to torture myself. YAY!

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