When running becomes a need

This is hard. This is very, very hard.

Wake up, run, eat, work, come home, eat, workout, sleep, wake up, run, eat, work, come home, eat, workout…

But I’m loving every damn second of it.

My recruiter said the words “as early as April or May.” I had this rush of happiness, and then this crushing disappointment when I remembered that I still can’t hit 3 miles in enough time.

So, it’s 2328. I get up at 0300. I got home late. But I still need to run.

I need to.

I’m in love with this.

6 responses to “When running becomes a need”

    • I use to run daily, it ended up taking a toll on my one knee. So I stuck to running about three days a week. I have a new goal I want to start: run one a mile a day. Just one mile and get my time down to 6 minutes or below. How do I stay motivated? Between school, trying to find a job, and not get so hung up on losing the rest of the fat; it’s hard. As corny as it may be, sometimes I watch boot camp graduation videos or write some positive affirmations and tape them to my mirror. Having clear goals and seeing them on paper in front me helps a lot.


  1. I’m aiming for 7 minute miles right now. What time do you have right now?

    I started out running in bursts. Run a block, walk a block, run a block. Do you jog for any of it? I end up jogging part of the 3rd mile most of the time. I’ve got a ways to go.


    • I average about…9 minute miles. I would like to see myself get down to six minute miles as much as possible. I do jog parts of my run whether it’s three or four miles. I just don’t have the stamina yet to run or sprint the entire duration, yet! The weather as been sucking for any outdoor runs so I’ve been forced inside to do speed work and sprints.


    • Actually if you are looking for a first class PFT score, you have to run the 3 miles in 24 minutes or less. That’s 8 minutes a mile, or less. I’m trying to get six minutes a mile knowing I’ll probably tack on another minute for each mile afterwards.


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