I haven’t run since Friday morning.

Debbie’s baby shower was today. I picked up Josh, then we ran over to Target in Humble and picked up a bag load of infant toys. It was fun. We spent time playing with the toys more than we did picking them out. Then I put him through the whole…does this tissue paper match this gift bag??? thing. Then we picked up mom and proceeded to drive Josh insane. You see, mom had coffee. If any of you really know me, you’ll know that mom is about 3x more absent minded, forgetful, and all around goofy. Toss in a dash of caffeine and you’ve got a speed talking mess. A forgetful one, at that.

The baby shower was fun. There was this adorable little girl with a giant yellow balloon tied to her ankle. Most of the time all I could see was a bobbing balloon darting around the tables. Iona would be around her age now.

We stopped off to see Ali on our way home. The memorial is still there, of course.

I really miss her.

Anyway, running soon. I’m down 10lbs now.

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