Something not about running

People want to feel important, in general. It’s not an unreasonable desire and it’s perfectly understandable. Just putting that out there. You’re important. At least, you are to me.

I’m sitting on the couch with Adam. He’s reading Salvatore, I’m wasting my spending money online, and we’re waiting for pizza to show up at our door. No TV, no music. Just quiet. It’s nice. Normally he’s in the study on his computer and I’m in the living room on my laptop, TV blaring for me and audio books blaring for him. I hope we do this more often. There’s a lot of things that I hope happen more before I leave.

I get weird like that. I’m thrilled to leave and can’t wait for it, but then I give myself a few minutes to think and remember that I’m really going to miss certain people here. I mean, I’ll miss everyone in general, but the people that I see on a daily basis, my family, are the ones that I hope to see…more.

Currently, I’m IMing someone that I had a falling out with.

43 minutes later

It’s permanent goodbye time now.

And I feel so much better.


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