When You Find Me/Dear You: Letter 3

Nothing eventful lately. It’s nice this way.

Kat’s talked me into auditioning with her at Reliant on Saturday. I’m not sure what I’m singing or if I’m playing and singing or what, so suggestions would be nice. I’m comfortably alto II to soprano II, if that helps.

Also, if you’re a technician, and you use liquid nails to secure equipment to the side of a filing cabinet instead of getting off your butt and getting some Velcro, you’re on my bad list. No, seriously. It’ll bite you in the butt later, and when a crowbar fails to pry those things off that cabinet and cracks those servers, you’re the one who gets to pay the $10+k to patch things up. :] Good luck with that.

Oh, and if a LEC says they installed analog lines, but didn’t label them, gave you the wrong binding post, cable, and pair numbers…don’t sit there, listen to the customer, and have the tech try to tone out 120 66blocks that hold 50 each, unless you absolutely have to. That tech won’t like you later. At all. Period. In fact, that tech is likely to be permanently cross-eyed and you’ll no longer have a tech available who knows that location. You’ll have to fly there and do it yourself, whether you’ve actually done it or not. If you’re dumb enough to get yourself into that situation and you already know better, then I hope you end up with that result. You deserve it.

Currently, I’m in love with When You Find Me by Josh Radin from the movie Adam.

I’m not sore since I didn’t do anything yesterday. Time to work out. Hello, Medicine Ball 200. I think I hate you sometimes.

Dear You,

You should listen to When You Find Me by Josh Radin from the movie Adam (haha). It’s applicable when I leave.


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