Work SUCKED today.

If you change your scope, freaking put it in writing, otherwise techs will do the exact same thing they’ve been doing for months. Don’t blame the techs or dispatch because you won’t give them the appropriate instructions. End of story.

Moving on.

Kat and I are auditioning at Reliant this weekend. Tomorrow, actually. I still haven’t picked a song. At the moment I’m stuck between Jar of Hearts (Christina Perri), Bang Bang Bang (Christina Perri), or Stay (Sugarland). I’m assuming I’ll practice all three and whichever one comes out in the audition room is the one I’m going with.

I’m thrilled that I get to see Kat. I miss her in incredible amounts.

My father and I had one of those epic blow ups today. This one doesn’t look repairable. I’m okay with that.

Adam’s test is tomorrow. He’ll do great. I don’t know what I would do without him.

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