I just…what.

Back on schedule tomorrow. I’m staying up late tonight so I’m tired enough to go to bed on time tomorrow and haul butt back on track. I’ve been lazy lately, you know, doing things that don’t make me lose any more weight, but I haven’t gained any either. It’s funny how obsessed with weight you can end up.

My birthday is this weekend. Bleh. September couldn’t come soon enough.

Today Adam asked me if I would help him find a new place this fall, since I’ll be leaving. I said sure, of course. Secretly, I hope he’ll let me leave some things there. You know, like I still live with him. Like my home is still where he lives. It’s hard to go away after living with my best friend for years.

Anyway, tomorrow. Back to the schedule. The up at 5, at work by 8 and already worked out, showed, dressed, made up, and fed. Home by 6 and worked out again by 10.

I’m watching The Runaways. The producer guy is wearing jean hotpants and an apron. I don’t understand.


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