“Happy Ninja Day!”

Adam: Happy birthday!
Me: It’s not my birthday!
Adam: It’s your ninja day!
Me: Ninja day?
Adam: The day you escaped!
Me: Oh, ninja day! My clever escape like a ninja from the womb day!
Adam: Yeah!!

Crystal cooked dinner at her and Derrick’s place on Friday night. Andy, mom, Andrea, Adam, Josh, and me.  Some photos below 🙂

Josh and I argued later that night. I think that was the only downside to my birthday — I tended to want a drama-free birthday weekend, but…eh. Whatever.

Saturday rolled around and Adam and I watched movies all day. He bought tickets to The Last 5 Years, which we’ve been dying to see for years now. Adam sang Nobody Needs to Know for Kabaret the first year he was in. It’s one of those songs that takes me back to the house in Kingwood, sitting in at rehearsals, my brass bed and sneaking out of my room at night for chocolate milk. I’m not sure what I would have done without him.

The show was pretty good — very creative. I want to see it again next week. Hopefully Eric will get to come down and see it with us.

Now Adam’s in bed, it’s 0329, and I’ve got Dexter playing.

We blitzed the house last week, so now I don’t have any excuses to come home and clean instead of work out. Now I go back to my schedule. Well, tonight I do. Bed at 19 PM. I should not be awake right now.

SJ’s birthday is next weekend, so I’m calling Amanda in the morning for a shopping day. I’m pretty terrible at picking gifts, so it helps to have some extra input. SJ’s kinda awesome, so that makes shopping just a tiny bit harder. Ha.

I get to see my sister tomorrow. :]

So, here’s to year 22. Cheers.

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