Progress is good, right?

So, it’s time to work on form and diet. Yup.
First thing is sticking my Nike’s in the closet and pulling out my Vibram Five-Fingers. I’d tried them before, but had gone straight to running in them rather than, of course, doing what’s recommended and walking the first two weeks. For the next two weeks will be daily 5 miles walks — hopefully this will help straighten out the underpronation in my left leg. It doesn’t help that I haven’t put up anything that could be considered a 3 mile time in the past two weeks, so starting again with 5 mile walks will definitely help. Part way through, Adam and I were discussing the whole underpronation issue and he mentioned that he just forced himself to walk differently. So, I tried simply forcing the inside to hit the ground first, and it hurt like crazy. So I kept doing it. After a while, it doesn’t hurt so bad, and I managed to finish without it being noticeable, and my leg didn’t kill me afterward.

We’re also going with the Duke University Rice Diet, starting tomorrow. Oh, but with a twist. I’m adding some Hammer Nutrition chromemate, salmon oil (seriously), and xobaline. I’m picking everything up after work tomorrow — rice, fruits, salmon…

Making progress.


New schedule for the next 2 weeks:

0500 – Medicine ball 200/upper body band/push-ups/crunches
2100 – 5 mile speed walk

3 responses to “Progress is good, right?”

  1. i like five finger vibrams better ,i think that five finger vibrams makes the toe boxes on their feet nice and wide,and you will see your calves and bare feet in the process of your running which is the best way to train your muscles of feet and legs.
    Let’s go to to have a pair to have a try. i trust that you will agree with me.


  2. I LOVE Vibram soles. So far VFFs are definitely the most comfortable things ever. The only problem that I’ve ever had is with my little toe on my right foot. It curves out just a tad too much, so it feels restricted for a little while after I put them on.

    Athletic ballet flats? Are you using them for running?

    What’s the brand that we’ll use in basic? My recruiter told me once, but I can’t remember off the top of my head.


  3. I’ve always wanted to try the VFF shoes. New Balance is coming out this month (March already???) with a line of minimal shoes with Vibram soles. I am eager to try them out and think I’ll do better with running in them than what I have now, Asics. I ran in a pair of athletic ballet flats and had much success, but they are falling apart. Literally.


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