Results, results!/Dear You: Letter 7

3lbs within the first week of the rice diet. Oh, and did I mention that this diet is pretty frickin’ yummy? I had it with salmon the first night, then tonight had brown rice with sliced banana and blueberries. Honestly, I think I like the brown rice better.

I couldn’t find my other shoe today…that kinda sucked. Like really sucked. I’ve got to be consistent if this is going to work. Bah.

Anyway, I’m off to bed.


Dear You,

Things are hard right now. I don’t know how to talk about it, but it’s hard, and it hurts. It’s easy to do it here. It’s easy to tell you what I’m feeling since I choke when I try to tell you in person.

Let’s start sorting through my things. Let’s find out where my books are going to go, where my mementos will be stored. Let’s delete that iTunes playlist, put away the CD’s, and turn off the music for a little while. Don’t listen to the songs, because I got all of them from you. Everything I have has something to do with you. Let’s stop trying to change each other. Maybe we can find our way back to who we are, even though we’ll be going it alone.

I came to you with a little; now the rest of my life has been built with you as such a huge part of it. And I can deal with that — but let’s wait for now. Let’s wait on anything that makes me feel, makes me remember what’s not there; just until I’m a little bit stronger.

Then I’ll face it.


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