Uuuuhhh, it’s an update.

Today I slept late, got stuff done, then picked myself and made myself go be social. I tend to lack in the social areas lately. I train, get tired, then don’t feel like going out with people. Amanda’s one of those friends who’s always there any time I’m feeling social, and she’s a great friend. 1900 rolled around and I was off to the HBU vs. South D. basketball game. We lost, but it was a pretty good game.

I picked up athletic tape on the way home, and a self adhesive wrap. I end up with shin splints pretty easily, and I’m training my left foot on that outward ankle roll. Tomorrow Adam and I are going to pick up some splint sleeves so I won’t have to pay crazy amounts for bulk shipments of tape.

The rice diet thing has been good. I had a few other meals this week, but overall did pretty well. I’m down by 5lbs as of last night, so it’s definitely doing some good.

After a few weeks of keeping steady at this, I’ll start the other stuff. You know, a dental check up, physical, pay that stupid traffic violation. Things that need to be done before hand.

I saw something about this movie A Marine Story. I’m picking it up as soon as it comes out on the 15th. It’s about this decorated officer who’s sent to help a recruit train for boot camp, then ends up under investigation due to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Yup.

When I get bored, I think about going running. I think about it at work, when I’m stuck behind that stupid desk. On my drive home, when I wake up, while I eat. I should, you know, run more. I’d feel completely stuck if I weren’t seeing progress with weight and performance. I’ll need a work out buddy soon.

Can’t wait to get to Parris Island.

Oh, and I’m done being sad. I get over things pretty quickly. I figure that it’s better that nothing’s going to happen since I’m enlisting. I’ll be gone most of the time, so…I guess it just makes it easier to go.


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