A better update than the last one =]

Okay, so.

I’ve been reading up on MEPS today and getting my requirements sorted out. I stopped off at Academy to see if I could find splint sleeves, and of course the only ones they had were in large, so I skipped on over to the clothing department (hey, I’m still a girl!). I found a thermal shirt in green for fricking three bucks (I can’t pass up green), then moved on to the Under Armour department. I’ve been needing a new compression shirt since the last one I bought was back when I was still a size small (AAAHHH). Picked up one of those, then tried out a running shirt in the same material as compression, but looser, and a UA Tech shirt in pink. I’ve been needing something bright to run in at night, so I went with the UA Tech one.

Total? $51.81 for 1 compression, 1 thermal, and 1 lightweight running. Not so bad. Then again, I’m also a major sucker for UA.

I even considered new running shoes, but then remembered my wonderful lil’ Vibram’s, and the fact that I have some good Merrel’s and Nike’s. I AM considering, however, Vibram’s new Bikila’s. They’re like my Sprints, but specific to running. Actually, no. I’m not considering them. I’m picking them up next payday. It’ll give me some time to continue working with my Sprints. That way I’ll just separate walk/jogging to Sprints and Running to Bikilas, once I’ve got them.

Yaaaaaaaay for even more progress.

I stepped on the scale today and was down another pound. That was thrilling.

OH. My dad called around half an hour ago. I’ve been using my work cell as my primary phone and dropped my personal cell. The bill with Verizon was simply too much per month. I was basically paying $109.00/month for texting. My work cell has unlimited data and minutes, but doesn’t allow for SMS/MMS, so I kept a personal one around. I also tend to dislike the idea of using my work cell for personal use, but the cost simply wasn’t justifiable. Anyway, they got me a phone on their plan, which is pretty great. Now I can waste some time on Angry Birds.

Oh, by the way, somehow this blog has jumped up in views per day. I just noticed it. Cool, thanks. :]

Off to do laundry, make a nice and happy rice dinner (brown, with blueberries and apples this time =D ), then run.

I’m liking this.

I’m not sure why or how, but somehow searching “russian drunk yoga poses” apparently leads a small number of people to my blog. WHAT????

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