This was written last night =P

Back to running, starting tomorrow.

Things are going along smoothly right now. We’ve made tons and tons of progress and I really just can’t wait for Adam’s parents to get back in July.

We’re sitting on the couch watching Anastasia right now (one of my favorites, go figure). Today we worked, came home, Adam slept, I made dinner, then we started watching the telly. Tomorrow we have to get back on schedule — run in the morning. That’s the biggest thing. I miss running like you wouldn’t believe.

Oh, and how did I not know that Meg Ryan and Cusack were the voices for Anastasia? I mean, really. And Kirsten Dunst as young Anastasia. Goodness.

I’m not really writing anything tonight. I need to get back to stories and progress and planning. Lots and lots of planning.

Anyway, we’re off to bed.

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