End of weekend :(

It was a good weekend.

Yesterday, we all get together and found bridesmaids dresses. Marie’s moving to Austin — Justin got doing game development. It sucks that they won’t be around anymore, but Austin isn’t far, so we’ll still be able to see them.

Several episodes of Veronica Mars later

I just spent a good bit of time working on some wedding plans with Adam. The to-do list seems staggering sometimes. It’s a good thing I have a host of girls helping me, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do if Adam weren’t interested in the details. Not that I’m not going crazy anyway.

We spent the weekend in Kingwood. Adam surprised me with some sapphire in white gold earrings. You know, because he’s just super awesome like that. They’re absolutely going to be worn during the wedding. ❤

We headed home after having lunch with M&M (Matt & Maria — Adam’s brother and sister in law), ate leftovers from Zio’s the night before, watched Veronica Mars while working on wedding stuff, and now here we are. Tomorrow, back to work. Then days more until I get another weekend. Siiiiiiiiiiigh… Did you know that planning a wedding takes lots of time? Like, free time that you would normally spend watching the TV instead of listening to it in the background? Or reading? Or cleaning? Or something productive?

I kid. I wouldn’t be very productive in the evenings whether I had a wedding to plan or not. It just so happens that I love planning it, so it’s okay.

Anyway, so I have something to wear tomorrow (since I’m lazy and haven’t done ANY this week), finish this episode, bed.


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