Tuesday, December 23 2014

Today is leg day.

200 squats
60 knee squats
2 minute plank
40 pushups
25 sit ups
30 leg lifts each leg
30 side leg lifts each leg
30 scissor kicks
1 minute superman + leg lifts

+12lb vest, 10lbs ankle weights and 5lbs wrist weights during all of the above.

Next is elliptical and stationary road bike.

I couldn’t hold my head up last November, and could stand for only 3 seconds at a time before falling backwards. Currently, I can barely walk and my balance is horrendous; but I can still move, and so I move.

I won’t be able to stop shaking for the next half hour because of the ataxia and fatigue. It can get so frustrating.

Strokes suck, ataxia sucks, but do not ever, ever give up. Just keep moving. We’ve got this.

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