Sunday, January 18 2015

I’ve come a long way since January 1. Tomorrow I get to try running during PT. I mean, I’ll be harnessed and on a treadmill but I’ll be running.

“I can MOVE.” I excitedly texted to Isaiah sometime back in November or December. ‘I can move’ gets to turn into ‘I can run‘. In a while longer it’ll become running without a harness. I’m so excited.

Speaking of awesome news, this morning a friend of mine, Jeff, became one of the first handcyclists to compete in the Chevron Houston Marathon/Aramco Houston Half Marathon. Another friend of mine, Tim, ran his first half marathon. I was a sillyhead and went to bed at 1am, missed my 4am alarm, and didn’t open my eyes until 4:30, which caused me to miss the 5am meet up time with Bernie and the rest of my Achilles friends. I missed being there for Jeff’s huge win, missed out on watching Crystal’s mother, Tim, Bernie and Christopher (one of our incredible Achilles volunteers) compete in the full and half marathons, and missed out on cheering them on while hanging out with Adam #2. I refuse to sleep in ever again (hah, yeah right.).

So, yeah, I get to run tomorrow.

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