45 minutes

45 minutes on my road bike today. On my stationary trainer, of course. Still. As far as cardio goes, I’m definitely better now than I was before the stroke. Now that I know I can get on and off my trainer, I’ll be cycling a daily basis. It’ll improve my cardio, balance and core strength. Yay!

I did switch out my clips (and by “I” I actually mean “Adam”.) for some cage pedals, since the last time I got on my trainer while wearing clips was less than, well, safe. My right ankle is pretty weak and seems to have some problems with eversion (pronation), causing the inside front of my shoe to rub a little against my chain area. I’m able to keep it from rubbing when I focus on it, which is a good sign that I’ll be able to overcome potentially rubbing off the skin on my ankle if I add ankle strengthening exercises to my routine. Juka, a friend whom I originally met through Achilles, has been urging me to focus on articulating my ankle and picking up my foot and quad more when I run (yes, I’m learning to run!). Ankle exercises it is!

But for now, a shower. I stink.

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