Ciao for now! (Vacation time!)

I’m rewatching a few of the videos I took while on vacation. I ran across this video, from back when I was taking acupuncture in 2014, probably six to eight months after the stroke. Here’s a video of needles in place along the vision and tremor lines of my scalp – let me take a moment to be O_O by how much weight I’ve lost since last summer. … Okay, I’m done. We can proceed. -, then videos of the tremors in my right hand and fingers without needles in place. I don’t think that I’ve posted a video of my hand function and upper extremity tremors prior to last month. I think I wrote a brief post about acupuncture basics a while back, so take a look at it if you feel like a quick read until I have time to write about acupuncture in stroke treatment and make a comparison video.

I’ve got to finish packing for a trip that I should have already packed for (Heather’s last-minute packing trend must be contagious), so I’ll post about acupuncture science sometime this week. I think. Maybe? Effort.

I have a love/hate relationship with procrastination.

EDIT: The video that shows my movement with needles in place wouldn’t upload. I’ll try to include it in a later post.

image image image

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