So, I forgot to upload some stuff…

…like pre and post-surgery stuff. Thanks for the reminder, Jeff!

Below is a quick video of me at my movement disorder specialist’s office before programming. Literally just before. I was actually there to get programmed and they took a video of a movement before programming me.

Next is a video of my walking 1 week post-surgery. It’s improved since then and will continue to improve the longer I keep the DBS device turned on.

I will be returning to therapy in a few weeks to resume OT and PT. I’ll try to be more frequent with progress videos.

Everything can only improve from here. The longer my DBS system is turned on, the better my results and the better I respond to the treatment.

Something to note is that since my movement is better and I’m more stable, I’m down almost 15 pounds since the surgery. Most of that is due to the surgery, what with recovery and everything. The rest is from a combination of being able to be active more easily and with a reduced frequency in episodes of fatigue. So that’s nice.

Okay, as usual I’m running late to get ready for it an appointment. I’m off to my neuro opthamologist to see about some prismed glasses, will update later.

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