Seizures suck.

A very quick recap of yesterday: I began having seizures just before 11am CT yesterday. I don’t remember much and was pretty confused for a while. Anyway, I’m home now and am getting scheduled for tests this week. Jeffrey’s DBS surgery is early tomorrow morning; I’m hoping that I can still go to that. 

The worst part: no more cycling until I’m completely cleared. So, January at the earliest. I’m out of the running for talent ID camp next month. The combination of my cycling speeds with potential seizures has been deemed a no-no.

I’m putting that^ in this post so Steven (coach) can see it. I’m not in my best state of cognitive function at the moment, so hopefully this message gets to the intended people. 

Anyway, I’ll update on this topic later. Ciao!

One response to “Seizures suck.”

  1. Yes, seizures are bad. It is frustrating to not be able to control one’s movements. One brain Injury increases the liklihood of future brain injuries. I’m not sure why.


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