It’s been awhile. Again. So here’s an update!

I’m no longer working toward completing degrees in linguistic cryptanalysis. I’ve turned my attention to neuroanatomical artistry, general watercolor, and enjoying having a reason to attend Grand rounds  at McGovern. 

The Ataxia community has seen multiple deaths this year. Considering how rare Ataxia is, many of us knew the people who passed. I’ll be setting up a memorial area on this website specifically for those who have passed from a form of Ataxia and stroke. If you have a friend or a relative who has passed from a taxea or stroke and would like to include their picture and story, please email ellie@itsneverbeenbetter.com and elisa.cammack@gmail.com .

I didn’t want to write a post focusing on it it, but I did register for the 2018 Houston Marathon with Achilles International Houston as a handcyclist. So, we’ll see how that goes.
I’m still sick from the hurricane that came through Houston several weeks ago. I got checked out, yet again, and just finished another round of medication. The dehydration is breaking, though I’ve gotten used to downing a full gallon of water each day. I’m thinking that’ll be a habit from now on. 

Also, today I heard that multiple cases of like symptom, varying in severity, have been reported and are being treated. So, that’s… disconcerting.

I went to another specialist this past Tuesday, to discuss treatment for an incident that occurred earlier this year, and was instead diagnosed with a genetic condition and am currently awaiting the results of an overarching condition. I’d rather not publicly say what it is just yet; still processing. But, what’s this mean? More meds. Yay. Also, adoption only. No babies in my future. I’m not going to risk passing this on. Oh, and, I’ll continue seeing the specialist regarding the incident.

I was finally evaluated for a wheelchair this week as well. It’s about time, right? Anyway, NOT for full-time use. However, with the neurofatigue left over from the strokes, it’s necessary in some cases.

My DPT and DOT have sent referrals for Botox injections in my stroke-affected calve, ankle and fingers, for management of increasing spasticity caused by downtime in physical activity due to the illness gifted to me by Hurricane Harvey. Thanks, Harv. #Istillhateshots

Let’s see… What else…

Traveling most of November. So that’ll be fun!

I decided on a tattoo artist last night, and finalized my desired tattoos. So, now it’s just waiting for an opening and artist rendering. EXCITE! 

I’m really glad I’m not bradycardic anymore. It would suck for my heart to stop because of a needle again. That got old fast, hah!

I really don’t know what else to say. Sorry for being gone so long. I’m back. =)


New sections are being added to the website. Keep an eye out!

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