Where I’ve Been

The truth?

I haven’t posted much this year because I’ve been working on me,

I’m so happy that I’m still here.

The end of last year was pretty rough. I got low – really low; and not in a depressed-but-manageable sort of way. Adam and my cat were all that kept me from offing myself.

I’m in a better place, despite the journey that it took to get here.

I’m seeing a fantastic psychologist. I couldn’t have gotten through some of what I got through without my psychologist.

My psychiatrist worked hard and my medication has been tweaked to what I need.

Adam is still the happiest-making person for me, but I’ve also gone back to feeling the love I have for the people I love.

I’m back to art. In fact, United Spinal Houston have generously given me permission to use their studio to create as much art as I want. I will do anything I can do to support them and their mission.

I plan to go back to Achilles this Saturday. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!

The after-hours gym program at my rehab center will begin soon, along with PT. In fact, PT will begin next Tuesday.

I love being alive. Have I mentioned that? I hope you are, too.

– Ellie

4 responses to “Where I’ve Been”

  1. I love your honesty, Ellie, and your zest for life. You continue to inspire me! I’m sorry you had such a difficult time. I know we don’t see each other often, but I’m here if you need to talk, or need anything! I love you, & I continue to pray for you! I’m glad you are feeling better. I love seeing your artwork! ❤️🙏🙏🙏❤️

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