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Thank you

The last time I did it to myself, I didn’t realize what I was doing until it was done, but I knew it was coming, and that whatever it was, it was about to happen.

Adam noticed it while it was healing, showed me the below image, then ordered and surprised me with a set of non-toxic, skin-safe markers. Now I draw on myself…

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Better Than New 

After my last post, my friend, Elizabeth, wrote this to me: ‘Ellie if you are feeling broken, please remember the Japanese process of Kintsugi. Pottery that is broken is repaired with gold. It highlights that the mended repair is beautiful. It emphasizes  beauty in the imperfect. Perfection  is overrated. Your brain is wonderful just the […]

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Bluntly :)

Is your boyfriend in a wheelchair too? Can you have sex? You know, can you feel down there? Do you have a license for that thing? I always get, “Has it got a horn?” > Do you play wheelchair basketball? > I feel like that’s everyone’s standard if they see someone in a wheelchair. “Oh, […]

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Ciao for now! (Vacation time!)

I’m rewatching a few of the videos I took while on vacation. I ran across this video, from back when I was taking acupuncture in 2014, probably six to eight months after the stroke. Here’s a video of needles in place along the vision and tremor lines of my scalp – let me take a […]

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Upcoming videos: Full daily yoga/calisthenics routine Full daily OT routine Shower tips post transition away from shower bench Balance exercises Gear overview Introduction (meet me) Videos are being done by request. I’ll update as they get uploaded. If you have something to request, just ask. I’m expecting to record the first video next week. 🙂

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