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We have no control over it, but what we do have control over is whether we can be proud of our own lives. I mean, that’s something we have complete say over – it’s kind of hard to even describe – I think I’m just as confused as everyone else on how to make our lives a piece of art, but I think that’s part of the joy – simply trying.

I can stand up here and genuinely tell you that I am genuinely proud of my life…

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-364 days

1 year ago – Monday, May 16 2016 I waited, excited and nervous. Tomorrow. A burr hole will expose the surface of my brain for the very first time… tomorrow. Less than 24 hours. I don’t remember what I did that morning, or the days leading up to it. I know that I watched videos […]

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So, I forgot to upload some stuff…

…like pre and post-surgery stuff. Thanks for the reminder, Jeff! Below is a quick video of me at my movement disorder specialist’s office before programming. Literally just before. I was actually there to get programmed and they took a video of a movement before programming me. Next is a video of my walking 1 week […]

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WARNING: Graphic content. DBS surgery videos

I forgot to upload them, but here they are. Enjoy!

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