Dear You: Letter 2

Dear You,

I’m not good at saying things out loud. You know that. I’m not mad at you, I’m just uncomfortable with…you know, ‘real’ talking.

It’ll be nice when I leave. Then I won’t have to look for excuses not to talk and can write instead, because that’s the only way I’d be able to communicate with you.


It’s supposed to snow in Houston, 3″-5″. So much for running, eh? That’s okay. I bought a jump rope for a reason.

I’m thrilled about the snow, but upset that it hinders my running. I really wanted to run tonight.

Off to core workout. ‘Night.

Dear You: Letter 1

Dear You,

I’m going to miss you when I’m gone, but I’ll always be around, even if I’m not…you know, around.



P.S., ‘You’ isn’t the general reading audience. ‘You’ is someone specific. Sorry, to the rest of you.

Oh, and a quick note before I snore.

I did nothing in the way of workouts today, other than upper body. I slept a lot, so that’s good. Saw Andrea, Mom, Crystal & Derrick, and Josh. Fought with Adam (ugh).

Rodeo’s coming. I’m Texas style excited.

Oh, and I’m watching Brokeback Mountain. Right now. It seems like every time one of them takes a swing at the other, they’re suddenly super mushy. Reaction: I’m glad I was born a girl.

Guess who’s in a mood?

I’m sitting here trying to be unproductive for the next hour. It’s Sunday. I need to learn to relax and just enjoy…but I’m driving myself insane. I don’t want to watch a movie, because there’s no point in watching them. I don’t want to site on Facebook, because…well, that should be self explanatory. I don’t want to take a nap, because I slept in and only recently woke up. I’d like to work out and clean.

Adam’s on his way out to fix one of the paralegal’s computers. I thought he’d be home today, but he says he told me he’d be going to fix a computer. So…whatever.

Anyway, he just walked out the door.

Today’s plan? Work out, clean, dinner, pick up Andrea, run, sleep. There. I like it much better than having a ‘lazy Sunday.’


I haven’t run since Friday morning.

Debbie’s baby shower was today. I picked up Josh, then we ran over to Target in Humble and picked up a bag load of infant toys. It was fun. We spent time playing with the toys more than we did picking them out. Then I put him through the whole…does this tissue paper match this gift bag??? thing. Then we picked up mom and proceeded to drive Josh insane. You see, mom had coffee. If any of you really know me, you’ll know that mom is about 3x more absent minded, forgetful, and all around goofy. Toss in a dash of caffeine and you’ve got a speed talking mess. A forgetful one, at that.

The baby shower was fun. There was this adorable little girl with a giant yellow balloon tied to her ankle. Most of the time all I could see was a bobbing balloon darting around the tables. Iona would be around her age now.

We stopped off to see Ali on our way home. The memorial is still there, of course.

I really miss her.

Anyway, running soon. I’m down 10lbs now.


0240. I didn’t run. I didn’t tie my shoe properly when I ran yesterday, so the heel of my shoe rubbed the skin pretty badly. The crease split and an entire dime size chunk was rubbed raw. I didn’t notice it until I got back home, and that’s only because of the blood in my shoe. Josh said not to run,. I said yes, Sergeant. But of course, I’ll run tomorrow. I just put in some extra work on upper body strength.

I don’t feel sore enough right now.

Time for bed.

When running becomes a need

This is hard. This is very, very hard.

Wake up, run, eat, work, come home, eat, workout, sleep, wake up, run, eat, work, come home, eat, workout…

But I’m loving every damn second of it.

My recruiter said the words “as early as April or May.” I had this rush of happiness, and then this crushing disappointment when I remembered that I still can’t hit 3 miles in enough time.

So, it’s 2328. I get up at 0300. I got home late. But I still need to run.

I need to.

I’m in love with this.

Oh, oh! Guess who’s been up since 0300?!?! That’s right!!!

I absolutely, without a doubt, must do laundry and dishes tonight. Period. No excuses. Understood, self?

Core work out tonight. I had pasta…need to try to fit in some cardio as well, but it’s unlikely.

Today I’ve been researching my MOS. You know, the whole ‘don’t sign that final paper without having your chosen MOS in writing’ thing? Yeah. I’m making sure that I want this one, and so far, it looks like I was right with my initial feelings toward it.

What else?

Oh, right.

I hurt. Everywhere. Arms, shoulders, chest, neck, upper torso, lower abs, butt, thighs, calves, knee caps (KNEE CAPS), shins, feet, toes, little toe. It all hurts, and it feels great. Willingly training for the marines = masochism? Quite possibly.

Shopping list:

Athletic tape
Splint sleeves
Moleskin (lots of it)

I’m off to torture myself. YAY!


I have to get up at 0300.

I finished 3 miles tonight since I woke up so fricking late this morning (AHG). Finishing my arm reps and going to bed. Medicine ball 200 + 55cm ball first thing in the morning.


Aaaand the Schedule Changes

So yesterday I bought a bar for flexed arm hangs, come home, and go to put it on the doorway. Everything’s good, right? Of course not. It’s not until then that I remember that our house was built in the 1920’s and the doorways are solid to the wall, so I can’t put the hook in to keep the bar in place. When did pull up bars get so difficult?

Anyway, buy a jump rope. If you loved them as a kid and didn’t use them again until your 20’s, you’ll hate them now. I promise!

I’ve only lost a total of 8lbs in the past two weeks, and I’ve been down on how many miles I’m running. I’ve got to shape up on this crap. This morning I woke up 2.75 hours late, at 0545. Goodness. My right leg has this weird thing going on where if I step wrong, the left inside of my shin gets this weird dull ache and gives out. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I’m hoping it goes away soon. So instead, I’ll be sticking to a core workout tonight and running again in the morning.

I’m on a new schedule since mom and dad split up (long story). Day 1 is every other day…same with day 2. Sunday is a lighter day. Only core workout.

New schedule:

Day 1
0300 – Alarm
0315 – Core workout
0400 – Shower
0500 – Leave
1800 – Home
1830 – Food
2100 – Run
2300 – Bed

Day 2
0500 – Alarm
0515 – Run
0600 – Shower
0700 – Leave
1800 –  Home
1830 – Food
2100 – Core workout
2300 – Bed

Anyway, it’s 1930. 1.5 hours until workout. Time to motivate myself to get some stuff done.