When running becomes a need

This is hard. This is very, very hard.

Wake up, run, eat, work, come home, eat, workout, sleep, wake up, run, eat, work, come home, eat, workout…

But I’m loving every damn second of it.

My recruiter said the words “as early as April or May.” I had this rush of happiness, and then this crushing disappointment when I remembered that I still can’t hit 3 miles in enough time.

So, it’s 2328. I get up at 0300. I got home late. But I still need to run.

I need to.

I’m in love with this.

Oh, oh! Guess who’s been up since 0300?!?! That’s right!!!

I absolutely, without a doubt, must do laundry and dishes tonight. Period. No excuses. Understood, self?

Core work out tonight. I had pasta…need to try to fit in some cardio as well, but it’s unlikely.

Today I’ve been researching my MOS. You know, the whole ‘don’t sign that final paper without having your chosen MOS in writing’ thing? Yeah. I’m making sure that I want this one, and so far, it looks like I was right with my initial feelings toward it.

What else?

Oh, right.

I hurt. Everywhere. Arms, shoulders, chest, neck, upper torso, lower abs, butt, thighs, calves, knee caps (KNEE CAPS), shins, feet, toes, little toe. It all hurts, and it feels great. Willingly training for the marines = masochism? Quite possibly.

Shopping list:

Athletic tape
Splint sleeves
Moleskin (lots of it)

I’m off to torture myself. YAY!


I have to get up at 0300.

I finished 3 miles tonight since I woke up so fricking late this morning (AHG). Finishing my arm reps and going to bed. Medicine ball 200 + 55cm ball first thing in the morning.


Aaaand the Schedule Changes

So yesterday I bought a bar for flexed arm hangs, come home, and go to put it on the doorway. Everything’s good, right? Of course not. It’s not until then that I remember that our house was built in the 1920’s and the doorways are solid to the wall, so I can’t put the hook in to keep the bar in place. When did pull up bars get so difficult?

Anyway, buy a jump rope. If you loved them as a kid and didn’t use them again until your 20’s, you’ll hate them now. I promise!

I’ve only lost a total of 8lbs in the past two weeks, and I’ve been down on how many miles I’m running. I’ve got to shape up on this crap. This morning I woke up 2.75 hours late, at 0545. Goodness. My right leg has this weird thing going on where if I step wrong, the left inside of my shin gets this weird dull ache and gives out. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I’m hoping it goes away soon. So instead, I’ll be sticking to a core workout tonight and running again in the morning.

I’m on a new schedule since mom and dad split up (long story). Day 1 is every other day…same with day 2. Sunday is a lighter day. Only core workout.

New schedule:

Day 1
0300 – Alarm
0315 – Core workout
0400 – Shower
0500 – Leave
1800 – Home
1830 – Food
2100 – Run
2300 – Bed

Day 2
0500 – Alarm
0515 – Run
0600 – Shower
0700 – Leave
1800 –  Home
1830 – Food
2100 – Core workout
2300 – Bed

Anyway, it’s 1930. 1.5 hours until workout. Time to motivate myself to get some stuff done.

It’s Like a Cycle…or Something.

It’s slow going, but I’m getting there.

I didn’t run yesterday. My shin splints are killing me just a bit. I need to buy some wraps…it’s on my to-do list for tomorrow. Wraps and weights.

My house is a wreck. Mom and Dad split up on Tuesday, so I’ve spent most of my time with Mom and my siblings instead of at home sticking to my schedule. But you know what? I would rather spend time with my family right now. The schedule will always be there. So long as I’m still running, watching what I eat, and am making progress, well, I’m okay with that.

It’s really rough going right now. I’m a little bit stressed out from the lack of sleep — or, was. I slept a really long time last night, so I should be de-stressing soon. At least, I hope.

My last run was just over 2 miles instead of at my regular 3. I can’t slack off again this coming week. At all. Period.


2 hours later

I’m watching News Radio with Adam right now. We just made a quick Taco Bell run — late, but yum.

Sometimes I can’t help but think about how things will change once I leave.


2.5 hours later

Aaaaand back to the not being able to sleep thing again…

Away, Away

I didn’t stretch well enough.

Halfway through my second mile, my left leg seized up. I walked the rest of the way back. But, hey, it’s Wednesday and I have the rest of the week. One light day. One light day, and I can’t stop beating myself up over it. Going to do a core workout tonight.

I want to be in boot. Winter with cold or summer with sand fleas. But, more than anything, I want to not be here right now.

Schedules, Schedules, and More Schedules

So the first week of following a PT oriented schedule…well, it didn’t work out QUITE as well as I’d hoped, but it wasn’t terrible. This coming week is when I crack down and force myself to be on time to everything on my list. I’m keeping this up for the next 8 months, or until I met the IST/PFT/weight standards. Once that happens, I’ll finish up with my recruiter and find out about a ship date, then continue training until it’s time to go.

So far, my average weekday looks like this:

0500 – Alarm
0515 – Run 3 miles & stretch
0615 – Shower/dress
0645 – Breakfast
0715 – Leave for work
1700 – Leave for home
1800 – Arrive home
1830 – Prep dinner
1900 – Dinner/1hr episode
2000 – Clean up
2100 – Workout 2 (core, walk, or upper body depending on the day)
2200 – Shower/study time
2300 – Bed

My weekends have more free time, which I’m using as study/research/planning time. This is going to be interesting.

For tonight, however, I’m off with Adam to my brother Derrick’s place for dinner with him and his wife, Crystal. Taking a board game, so this should be pretty fun.

In fact, I have 8 minutes until I need to shower so Adam has time to get ready. Then we leave at 1800, pick up a dessert on the way, and we’re at D&C’s by 1900.

I’m kind of getting to like this whole schedule-your-life-down-to-the-minute thing. The whole structure of it is nice.

Tomorrow I (hopefully) find out who my new recruiter is. My current one is located closer to my parents’ side of the world, which is a bit far for me to drive out to in time to train with the group. I can’t get off of work early enough to make it there, so I’m transferring over to a recruiter in my area.

Anyway, off to shower!

It’s been a while…


It’s been a *ridiculously* long time since I last posted. And, naturally, a lot has happened since then. Joelle’s last post was about a precious little girl who died of cancer.

We went to her memorial the next day. Joelle’s still healing. I love her.

People die. It’s fact. That still doesn’t mean that we know how to deal with it.

Work is…going. I’ve moved accounts, obtained my own, and have become closer to people that I wasn’t close to before. It’s good.

Adam and I are planning a camping trip this summer. That’s good too.

Andrea turned 17. I cried at midnight. ❤

I'll update more later, hmmm?

– elle

Me & Andrea ❤

Long overdue updates

It’s been a long time, I know.

Works been the same. There was an earthquake in Chile, a false tsunami warning in Hawaii, and Houston was snowed on for the second time in a short period of months. I also decided that I want to move to Wilmington, NC. Why? Because it’s gorgeous and I want to open a summer camp for children with Aspergers Syndrome there.

I’m twenty-one now. Andrea will be seventeen soon. I ended up at Cafe Adobe on my birthday, surrounded by a group of people that I’ve known for a very, very long time.

Kat turns twenty-six this year, Adam turns twenty-seven…we’re all growing up, kind of. Kat still sings giggly songs, Adam still tickles me to tears, and I still wish I were a ninja. But I’m not really sure if those types of things will ever go away. I don’t think I want them to.

Adam and I are staying here another year. We signed the less again a few weeks ago. There’s no one else that I’d rather spend the next year of my life with.

Andrea’s going to college now, by the way. It irks me. I want her to stay eight years old forever. She’s the best kid ever. Seriously.

I started playing guitar again, as of tonight. My fingers hurt, my guitar isn’t holding tune, but I’ve memorized four songs and am working on one that I started a while back and just never finished.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll write again soon. Promises, promises.

❤ elle

Magnolia flowers and gaming machines

So a lot has happened lately, and I’ve been neglectful of my blog!

My parental units are in a new house, around three blocks away from Adam’s parents. It’s a two-story, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath and I love it. I’ve got my own room, even though I don’t live there. :] Derrick and Crystal are moving in with mom and dad, so my parents are going to have a full house again.

Valentine’s day is coming up. What do I want? I want to buy a movie, go home, order a pizza, and spend time with Adam and the kittens. That’s about it.

Oh, and I want flowers…but that’s because I’m a hopeless romantic and I’ve never been given flowers for Valentine’s day. Gardenias or magnolias, to be specific.

I spent last Saturday evening with Kat…goodness, I miss her! I also haven’t laughed that hard in…who knows how long. But I’ll be in the area more often now, so hopefully I’ll get to see my other estrogen half a bit more as well. ❤ (cashmere letters, love!)

Adam gave me an early birthday gift. Are you ready for this?

I'm now addicted to Mass Effect, because he's given me a gaming machine. One that we build. Uh-huh. I'll say it again…Adam is the best. guy. ever.

Pictures coming later.