Away, Away

I didn’t stretch well enough.

Halfway through my second mile, my left leg seized up. I walked the rest of the way back. But, hey, it’s Wednesday and I have the rest of the week. One light day. One light day, and I can’t stop beating myself up over it. Going to do a core workout tonight.

I want to be in boot. Winter with cold or summer with sand fleas. But, more than anything, I want to not be here right now.

Schedules, Schedules, and More Schedules

So the first week of following a PT oriented schedule…well, it didn’t work out QUITE as well as I’d hoped, but it wasn’t terrible. This coming week is when I crack down and force myself to be on time to everything on my list. I’m keeping this up for the next 8 months, or until I met the IST/PFT/weight standards. Once that happens, I’ll finish up with my recruiter and find out about a ship date, then continue training until it’s time to go.

So far, my average weekday looks like this:

0500 – Alarm
0515 – Run 3 miles & stretch
0615 – Shower/dress
0645 – Breakfast
0715 – Leave for work
1700 – Leave for home
1800 – Arrive home
1830 – Prep dinner
1900 – Dinner/1hr episode
2000 – Clean up
2100 – Workout 2 (core, walk, or upper body depending on the day)
2200 – Shower/study time
2300 – Bed

My weekends have more free time, which I’m using as study/research/planning time. This is going to be interesting.

For tonight, however, I’m off with Adam to my brother Derrick’s place for dinner with him and his wife, Crystal. Taking a board game, so this should be pretty fun.

In fact, I have 8 minutes until I need to shower so Adam has time to get ready. Then we leave at 1800, pick up a dessert on the way, and we’re at D&C’s by 1900.

I’m kind of getting to like this whole schedule-your-life-down-to-the-minute thing. The whole structure of it is nice.

Tomorrow I (hopefully) find out who my new recruiter is. My current one is located closer to my parents’ side of the world, which is a bit far for me to drive out to in time to train with the group. I can’t get off of work early enough to make it there, so I’m transferring over to a recruiter in my area.

Anyway, off to shower!

It’s been a while…


It’s been a *ridiculously* long time since I last posted. And, naturally, a lot has happened since then. Joelle’s last post was about a precious little girl who died of cancer.

We went to her memorial the next day. Joelle’s still healing. I love her.

People die. It’s fact. That still doesn’t mean that we know how to deal with it.

Work is…going. I’ve moved accounts, obtained my own, and have become closer to people that I wasn’t close to before. It’s good.

Adam and I are planning a camping trip this summer. That’s good too.

Andrea turned 17. I cried at midnight. ❤

I'll update more later, hmmm?

– elle

Me & Andrea ❤

Long overdue updates

It’s been a long time, I know.

Works been the same. There was an earthquake in Chile, a false tsunami warning in Hawaii, and Houston was snowed on for the second time in a short period of months. I also decided that I want to move to Wilmington, NC. Why? Because it’s gorgeous and I want to open a summer camp for children with Aspergers Syndrome there.

I’m twenty-one now. Andrea will be seventeen soon. I ended up at Cafe Adobe on my birthday, surrounded by a group of people that I’ve known for a very, very long time.

Kat turns twenty-six this year, Adam turns twenty-seven…we’re all growing up, kind of. Kat still sings giggly songs, Adam still tickles me to tears, and I still wish I were a ninja. But I’m not really sure if those types of things will ever go away. I don’t think I want them to.

Adam and I are staying here another year. We signed the less again a few weeks ago. There’s no one else that I’d rather spend the next year of my life with.

Andrea’s going to college now, by the way. It irks me. I want her to stay eight years old forever. She’s the best kid ever. Seriously.

I started playing guitar again, as of tonight. My fingers hurt, my guitar isn’t holding tune, but I’ve memorized four songs and am working on one that I started a while back and just never finished.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll write again soon. Promises, promises.

❤ elle

Magnolia flowers and gaming machines

So a lot has happened lately, and I’ve been neglectful of my blog!

My parental units are in a new house, around three blocks away from Adam’s parents. It’s a two-story, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath and I love it. I’ve got my own room, even though I don’t live there. :] Derrick and Crystal are moving in with mom and dad, so my parents are going to have a full house again.

Valentine’s day is coming up. What do I want? I want to buy a movie, go home, order a pizza, and spend time with Adam and the kittens. That’s about it.

Oh, and I want flowers…but that’s because I’m a hopeless romantic and I’ve never been given flowers for Valentine’s day. Gardenias or magnolias, to be specific.

I spent last Saturday evening with Kat…goodness, I miss her! I also haven’t laughed that hard in…who knows how long. But I’ll be in the area more often now, so hopefully I’ll get to see my other estrogen half a bit more as well. ❤ (cashmere letters, love!)

Adam gave me an early birthday gift. Are you ready for this?

I'm now addicted to Mass Effect, because he's given me a gaming machine. One that we build. Uh-huh. I'll say it again…Adam is the best. guy. ever.

Pictures coming later.


Weekend Snapshots

I made tuna croquettes on Saturday. :] Alton Brown’s recipe is wondervulles.

tuna croquettes!

Pank-o breadcumblies! And the mess I left on the table, along with an unfinished abstract.

Athena didn't quite understand

We argued, because I took the tuna, and she wanted more. I kept telling her that the mercury in the cans could kill her, just wants tuna.

Saturday @ IHOP with Mom, Dad, Derrick, Andrea, Crystal, Bobby, and Renee:

Andrea showcasing IHOP's menu

Bobbers doing...G-d knows what.

Andrea's pink & black fuzz covered head

Renee gone Greenpeace

Part of mom's face, Derrick and his lovely fiancee Crystal

Andrea, again, looking all snarky

Andrea's crazy long killer nails

Poseidon trying to decide whether it's a good enough idea to attempt fighting Tillie and Sephira for a place on mom's lap

Adam + my classical = better-than-johnny-cash's-rendition-of-hurt

Exhausted after seeing A Chorus Line with Adam. Ready for bed!

That’s it. Goodnight.

❤ ellie


iTS 1:41AM and im supposed to be asleep..
I had a nightmare and normally itd be that i would call my big sister and she’d make it better, thats how it always was, my sister always made the monsters go away. I guess i miss how i could run over to her room and she’d still be awake, reading or writting like always. and i’d go in and she’d talk to me or just read me whatever book she was currently into. that always made it better.
Now it’s harder, because im the only one at home and calling just isnt the same as hearing a story.
A lot of things have changed, and at times im not sure i like how they changed. a lot of times i wish they hadnt. I’ll be starting school tuesday, yes, college. who’d of thought it’d begin so soon? it always seemed months or years away yet last week i woke up and realized its almost here. It’s kind of scary, because i’ve never been to anything like school…not even your basic classes at church without someone i knew. at least my first day i have a class with my brother 🙂
OH! i got to see my sister AND my brother today! that was awsome, though i kind of wish i had more time with them, all 3 of us together (even if one was sick..) was still the best thing since ice cream! (yes they are my two favorite people)
Got the best text from Adamababaish yesterday, saying were going to build light sabers for my birthday present!!!! how awsome is that?? it made my entire year! (yes i am a BIG star wars fan)

so looking at my checklist i realized..i dont have very big things on my to do lists:
1: get hair cut.
2: get school books and bag.

Got my hair cut, no worries its still black and pink but now theres dark red in it too.
Got all my school stuff (bag included, FINALLY!)

YES! i completed it. score one for 2010! i actually completed a to do list for like the first time ever!


I’m SaFe Up HiGh,
NoThIng CaN ToUcH mE…

Friends of the Orphans — Thank you, Molly Hightower

Since the quake that hit Haiti earlier this week, I’ve been following updates and stories closely. CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo!, TIME…I feel as though I’ve been stalking Haiti.

I came across the story of Molly Hightower, who is a 22 year-old volunteer for the organization Friends of the Orphans. She signed up to spend a year in Haiti as a childcare worker, hoping to someday work in international adoption.
Today, I scoured the Friends of the Orphans website and her blog. Today, rescuers found Molly buried in the rubble of the orphanage she was volunteering at. She wasn’t alive anymore.

What else did I find out? That a little Guatemalan girl that I had sponsored together with my friend, Kaylee, was from NPH. I had been thirteen at the time and didn’t know which organization the girl was from — simply that I put my money in an envelope along with a letter and gave it to my mother to mail off. I don’t know what happened to her.

Heike Mies Needham, Haiti volunteer

Friends of the Orphans offers international volunteering. All you do is get vaccinations and pay for your air fare. They pay for your housing, food, and needs for a year. They encourage longer stays. I’ve decided to go. Of course, I’ll have to wait until I don’t have any financial responsibilities holding me here (car, lease, credit cards, etc.), so it will be at least 3 – 4 years until I can go. Maybe the orphanage that Molly worked at will be rebuilt by then. Maybe I’ll get to work where she worked. Maybe I’ll be able to care for the same children that she cared for.

I just wish that I could go now. There’s an unyielding, unhinging, uninhibited, inexplicable desire to help.

If you, whoever you are — anyone at alll, could find a way to get me to Haiti, I would drop everything and go.

Even if it’s not Haiti. Even if it’s Guatemala, El Salvadore, Bolivia…wherever.

So, since a small start is the beginning of a big challenge, I’ve begun looking into Red Cross, Mercy Corps, along with similar other organizations.

Molly, little Guatemalan Illonka, I’ll be there as soon as I can.

❤ Ellie

101.9 degrees and blankets

What did I do for New Year’s?

I sat in the study, wrapped up in 5 different blankets, big fuzzy sucks, a scarf, and a beanie with a 101.9 fever, chills, headache, and dizziness. It was the best New Year’s eve of my life. Why? ‘Cause I spent it with Adam, who, by the way, is wonderful at taking care of sick people.

"Fever ninja!"

Taking photos of his sick, annoying little roommate? Check. Hot water for foot soaking? Check. Thermometer, blanket adjustments and additions? Check. I mean, really. I had that fever for a week and he took care of me the entire time, even though I was a little insane. Best guy ever.

For Andrea!

Yesterday, Adam’s dad came over to help us hang the massive mirror that my parents gave me for Christmas. We stopped off at Lowe’s for…something, and I ended up buying violets and a swirly plant (don’t remember what it’s called) for the mini bay window in the old dining room.


I bought a little one in a bright planter for my sister. Reminded me of her.

Anyway, I’m off to watch the Colbert Report with Adam. 🙂

❤ Elle

“You were the lucky ones…”

Alexx Elaine Hudson

Alexx Elaine Hudson

Hey, kid.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you and everyone’s coming up on a second Christmas without you. I know I haven’t been around lately…it’s been kinda hectic. Christmas is in three days. I owe you some flowers, don’t I?
There’s some new people coming around and some old ones that haven’t been around who are coming back too. I’ve gotten myself into a few dilemmas lately — the kind that I wish I had your help on. You know, the kind where you’d joke around and then suddenly get all serious for a few minutes and say the exact thing that needed to be said, even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear.
There’s a few other things going on lately — I’m seeing a doctor in January to find out what’s really going on. The bruising, fatigue, chills, aches, nausea, night sweats…so gross, I know.

Sometimes I wonder what it is you’re doing. I know alot of us wonder that, but…I wonder if everything they talk about is real. Are you really where they say you are? Does it actually exist? And…a little more selfishly…why’d you get to go and I didn’t? Okay, yeah, that was actually really selfish. But I wonder why. You know, I never really said this, but I’m really kind of mad that you left. Or had to leave. Whatever. The point is, you left, even though it wasn’t your fault. I’m mad at you for leaving just as much as I’m mad at Jennifer for leaving, and I’m mad at whatever it was that made both of you go.
I’m pissed off at whoever was driving that truck that hit her and I’m pissed off at the tree that you hit. Really, how completely irrational is that? I’m mad at a tree. You have no idea how many times I’ve seriously considered driving back to Kingwood and chopping that damn tree down. And I’m sure that some people, at least subconsciously, are mad about Kate. I didn’t really know her, but you know what? I’m mad about Kate, too. But, shhh…it’s a secret. It’s one of those things that people aren’t supposed to say that they feel. Know what that means? I’m mad at quite a few people over the past year. You and Kate, Jennifer, Al, Kerry, David…even little Iona Grace. Yeah, I’m mad at Iona, too…and that’s something that’s absolutely ridiculous. It doesn’t even make sense.
Today, I was thinking about all of you and how we won’t get to see you for a very, very long time, if ever at all. And you know what else doesn’t make sense? Even though all of you died in ways that I certainly wouldn’t want for myself, you were the lucky ones. You’re the ones that are somewhere else, somewhere far, far away from everything here. You’re not the ones who had to stick around and clean up all of the messes. You just made them while you were leaving. I’m not supposed to say that, either. You didn’t have to keep Iona’s secret, you didn’t have to sit through all of the funerals and wish that you’d gone to Jumps with Kerry more, or that you’d introduced Jennifer to your family.
If you saw all of that, did you feel as helpless as everyone here did? But, it’s okay if you didn’t. Even though I’m mad at all of you, for no logical reason at all, I’m happy that you didn’t have to sit through the funerals, smile at people afterwards, shake hands and hug people that you really didn’t want to hug. So, it’s okay. I’m happy for all of you, even though it might be difficult to tell. Us, the ones that didn’t get to go, we’re the unlucky ones. But luck changes. We’ll all get our chances to see you again, when the time’s right, and, you know, if wherever you are really exists. I hope it does. Yeah…really, I do.
There’s something really, really sick about all of it. You’re here, and then you’re gone. You’re growing up, you’ve got a boyfriend, friends, family, people depending on you — and then you just disappear. There’s a crash, failed CPR, glass and debris, midnight candlelights, caskets, flowers, and a butterfly funeral. There’s goodbyes and tears, people who turn out okay and people who turn out angry. But it’s nobody’s fault, I know. I miss you guys, alot. I know that none of this makes much sense at all, but I figured I might as well tell you while I’m thinking about it.

I love you, kid.