It’s been awhile. Again. So here’s an update! I’m no longer working toward completing degrees in linguistic cryptanalysis. I’ve turned my attention to neuroanatomical artistry, general watercolor, and enjoying having a reason to attend Grand rounds  at McGovern.  The Ataxia community has seen multiple deaths this year. Considering how rare Ataxia is, many of us […]

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A random little thing

Okay, so, this was originally a comment response to a post on the Young Stroke Survivors Facebook group. But it turned into a really long comment so I decided to turn it into a blog post. Yay. °°° Note that there are many factors in play when it comes to physical and non-physical recovery, such […]

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I wake sometime between 5 and 6, as usual. Get up, tell Alexa to turn on the bedroom lights. Pad into the washroom. I’m extra wobbly in the morning so I have Alexa turn on the kitchen lights while I grasp the counter and carefully step my way to the corner where my morning dose of Sertraline (the generic of Zoloft, for […]

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