I’m 7 years old today. Technically not, of course, but my life started over 7 years ago today. It started with learning to breathe on my own, then rolling over. Then sitting up; crawling; motorized wheelchair; sitting unassisted; standing; walking with 3 people helping me, then one. Then a walker. Then a cane. Then nothing. […]

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To Mars and back

2017 didn’t make it past its first day before someone with Ataxia went away. She touched so many lives during her 25 years here. This morning, Noelle and Allie – a couple of my favorite people whom I met through Ataxia & Fitness – were absolutely… I don’t know. I don’t speak for them, but “heartbroken” and “stunned” are a […]

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USF ftw

Yay, Kyle! Let me know the next time you cycle across America, mkay? An Ataxia&Fitness group ride across America needs to be a thing! “Both have Friedreich’s ataxia, affecting one in 50,000 people in the United States. Although Bryant and Bridgman are left wheelchair bound, their competitive spirit hasn’t gone away. Now focusing on a […]

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