Ciao for now! (Vacation time!)

I’m rewatching a few of the videos I took while on vacation. I ran across this video, from back when I was taking acupuncture in 2014, probably six to eight months after the stroke. Here’s a video of needles in place along the vision and tremor lines of my scalp – let me take a […]

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Brain matters

The above is an image from a series of MRIs that were taken within days of the stroke. The dark grey area is the area that was affected by oxygen loss during the stroke. That area is now dormant or idling. Someone asked me to talk about the physical changes in my brain, so I’m […]

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It’s been… interesting.

I’ve debated about posting a video taken just after the stroke, but here goes. *deep breath* First, a few pictures taken 22 days before the stroke: 20 days after the stroke: 2 years and 10 days after the stroke: It’s been interesting.

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Treadmill fun

These videos are from today’s PT session. Never give up. 🙂

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…what was I talking about?

Since last night’s post, a few people have reached out to me to tell me that they’re very happy that I’ve recovered and/or that I’m an inspiration to them.

1.) THANK YOU to everyone who has read any of this blog, kept me in their thoughts, kept in contact with me, etc. This blog was meant to be a simple outlet and has turned into a way for me to communicate more easily to my family and friends, the difficulties and triumphs that have come my way over the past 2+ years.

2.) I can’t emphasize this enough: I have not recovered.</strong

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Yay and stuff!

Guess who can (finally) walk with zero assistance? *Breakfast Club fist pump*

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USF ftw

Yay, Kyle! Let me know the next time you cycle across America, mkay? An Ataxia&Fitness group ride across America needs to be a thing! “Both have Friedreich’s ataxia, affecting one in 50,000 people in the United States. Although Bryant and Bridgman are left wheelchair bound, their competitive spirit hasn’t gone away. Now focusing on a […]

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CP + quadripelia + determination = bigger than mountains and Kona

So this is pretty fantastic: Chaeli Mycroft becomes the first quadriplegic person to summit Mount Kilimanjaro. Just amazing. It made me think of Bonner Paddock, the first man with CP to summit Mount Kilimanjaro. He then went on to become the first person with CP to complete the most difficult triathlon in the world – […]

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‘Word soup’

Christmas came and went. The rehab facility was able to schedule my initial evaluations the week of Christmas – rehabilitation therapists don’t seem to get much in the way of holiday vacation since TIRR was scheduled to be open and providing all therapies and groups for its patients. At the time, I would have found […]

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