How appetizing (not!)…

Who watches recordings of an upcoming brain surgery while eating spaghetti for lunch? This girl. But now I’m trying not to think about that correlation too hard. You could say I’m a little excited about Tuesday. Anyway, video to come later today.

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Cyborg status: pending

Click here to watch DBS seminar hosted by Mischer Neuroscience Institute DBS overview from Mayo Clinic (webpage) I’m running late. I’ll post more this evening.

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“I want to ride my bicycle”

I push and pull on my pedals quickly, but still rarely push past 81rpm. Slow. I shake my head slightly, avoiding wasting breath on a sigh. My goal is >90rpm. But that’s okay. Steven said it will come. Don’t focus on cadence just yet. I’m still learning to ride my upright trike. My speed on […]

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