Videos: 3/20/16 – 3/21/16

I didn’t record any videos today because I’m feeling sick and slept most of the day. So you get yesterday’s videos. Melly saying happy birthday to my mother yesterday, during the drive to the restaurant: There’s a Matchbox 20 song for this: And a couple of videos I found from 2014, 6-8 months post-stroke. During […]

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For my memory and my brain

I give up. I’ll fix my video upload thing tomorrow. YouTube link for now.

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Time to start over, again.

I sigh as my right hip buckles to the left, causing me to tip too far to the right. My right arm flaps for a moment, contrasting my left arm which remains steady as I reach it behind my left buttock to brace for the fall. My left leg shoots too far to the side […]

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