Peanut Butter and Nutella Sandwiches

Quarantine hasn’t been kind to me. I take that back – I haven’t been kind to myself during quarantine. I’ve walked around the apartment and kept up with calisthenics… sometimes. I’ve gained 8lbs, which is no small amount for someone just under 5’2″. (Heads up, Lucas.) I should have and could have been consistent with […]

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Posting two days in a row?!

I know, right? Who am I? Sleep was fitful last night. I’ve been sleeping through the night lately, but man, the dreams are odd. I’m thankful for the sleep, though. I still have strange nightmares and strange dreams but every now and then I’ll have one that’s so bizarre that I can’t help but hope […]

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To live now

In Harris County, where I live, we’ve had thousands of COVID-19 cases. We’ve been under quarantine in Houston for weeks now, with the end of quarantine in either the near or distant future. I had surgery to replace my DBS battery last month, on a Thursday or Friday. By the time the weekend was over, […]

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