who i am


Name: Ellie (Elisa)
Age: 33

I’m pretty average, but I have a few twists. I was active as a college student and operations manager when I ‘stroked out’ at age 24 in 2013. Now I focus on recovery 24/7, and art as well as my role of the Creative Director of a small gallery in Houston, TX. I’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of me, but I’ll get there.

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It’s never been better: a journey

  • 14 and 8

    So, I didn’t mention it on the 11th because sometimes you just have to make happy, and this month has been a good month. Valentine’s Day marks 14 years and 3 days since the night I made a decision that resulted in a car wreck, which killed Gracie. I don’t know if her father gets…


  • 🙂

    It’s never been better 🖤


  • That moment when…

    That moment when I realized that I’m seven years and seven months past my stroke. Wow. I’ve come so damn far.


  • 7

    7 years. It feels like it’s been so much longer, but also feels like it was yesterday. I relive that day every year. 10:00. I’m going to Target with Heather and Eric right now. 1:00. We’re stopping at Chipotle. I remember Costco. Being exhausted at Target. I remember getting in my car and driving to…