Nothing in particular.

The new GAP commercial is disconcerting and annoying. I hate it.

Also, I love this version of The Kill.


I’m currently sitting on the couch with Adam, watching The Daily Show. He leaves tomorrow for a four day trip back to New York with his father. Yes, I’m going to miss him and feel weird without him here. Call me clingy, but that’s how we are. It happens when you live with your best friend.

Today, after I clean up and shower, we’re going to get our first Christmas tree. He leaves tomorrow at 5:30 AM, so I’m hoping that we’ll have a chance to buy the tree, buy ornaments decorate it before he goes to the Christmas party at the firm tonight.

I’ve known Adam for over 1.5 years now. I love him and I have NO idea what I’d do without him. For example, yesterday, I ran over something furry that used to meow. I crushed her hind legs and lower half, along with the bottom half of her front left leg. So I took her to the vet. They called me later and said that it would be best to put her down. Then, Adam took me on a ‘date night.’ We went for dinner and brought a movie to watch at home. He didn’t tease me about being a ‘kitty killer’ (yes, it happened)…just made it better. He’s a wonderful friend. I’d have cried for two weeks straight if he hadn’t been around.

Mushy time. I’m a girl, so I’m allowed.

And meet Kat. She’s my other half. I’ve known her five years now. Best five years of my life. We’ve done everything from plan our weddings like we were little girls, cry over guys together, do the most ridiculous things at a moment’s notice just so we could make each other laugh…yup. She’s the goofy side of me that somehow still keeps me grounded. ❤ I mittens you, dearheart.

And, really, you know that someone's your best friend when you plot survival scenarios to counter a mass zombie uprising of varying zombie types. We'd survive. All three of us. I'm so serious.

Cynthia got married. I thought I’d get wedding fever from being in her wedding…well, okay, I had wedding fever for a few days, but now I don’t. Mhmm.

Anyway. Off to obtain a tree.


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