It’s been… interesting.

I’ve debated about posting a video taken just after the stroke, but here goes. *deep breath*

First, a few pictures taken 22 days before the stroke:

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20 days after the stroke:

2 years and 10 days after the stroke:

It’s been interesting.

6 responses to “It’s been… interesting.”

  1. I was there just a couple days before this was taken and I feel like I should applause. The reason there were 4 people in this picture isn’t because you needed each of them, but they needed to be there to keep you from running off. You always were so determined even when you could barely move. It’s like you were confused that you even had to slow down. I’m glad you are recovering so well.


  2. Your half right on your statement below. You are pretty. but you are not average! Your a fighter and a survivor! Everyday you wake up and get on with life YOUR ANINSPIRATION. I WANT TO GET BACK TO BEING A NORMAL PERSON EVRYDSY. some ays I talk to myself to do things but I know I will be back. And seeing these posts like yours give me the extra umphhghh! I need to get on everyday. Thank you Elisa for not being average. Good luck overcoming your stroke. don’t let it win! I’m praying for ya. God BLESS YOU!!!

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    • Wow, you’ve definitely got spirit!! Just for reading your comment, I think you definitely have the gumption to recover to your maximum! Just never give up and keep moving 🙂


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