Why I haven’t been posting

Shit happens.

I’m in an “up cycle” right now. That’s why I have the energy and motivation to post.

Bipolar disorder is far more than just mood swings.

So, here what is happening this week:

  • I’ll have phenol injections. Ow. I had a seizure during the last phenol session. This should be fun!
  • Then I’ll go to pre-op.
  • Friday I will have the surgery to replace my DBS battery. I’m not excited; I’m tired of having surgeries and procedures. Let’s get it over with.

Until Friday, I’m in my wheelchair. I’m not supposed to get out of it unless someone is with me, in case my battery dies. The operation to replace it is urgent since the battery could die at any moment. We hadn’t realized that the battery was so low.

I’m already tired from writing. Will post again soon!

3 responses to “Why I haven’t been posting”

  1. At least the battery lasted for (how many) years? Hope the days go by fast. I missed your posts and was hoping you’re okay. Are you still exercising a lot? I started falling more since January, the times a month. I broke my radius but is more of a dull pain. Finished the weeks of therapy. Another time, I hit an ice Crack and my knee hurts.


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