I should be, you know, sleeping/Dear You: Letter 5

I’ve got to get some stuff done before Adam comes home.

Tonight I went with Amanda to pick up her bridesmaid’s dress in Spring, for Faby’s wedding. Afterward, we made a pit-stop at Culver’s (don’t worry, I behaved!), then Target (I behaved there too!), then took her back to her dorm. I got home pretty late, but I still managed to work out a little during Dexter.

Adam’s talking to me on IM. :] He makes me happy, but I don’t think that he really understands that. It’s okay, because I don’t either.

Tomorrow I’m heading to campus for a basketball game, but I’ll try to get home early enough to focus on tons of laundry. I’ll spend Wednesday making things pretty for when he comes up that night.


30 minutes later

Adam just logged off to sleep. I should be headed to be too. Finishing up this episode, then off to bed.

You know, I don’t really talk about anything that’s actually important on here. I wonder if people get bored reading it. I think that I would.

I’ll catch up tomorrow.


Dear You,

You’re the best I could ever imagine.


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